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In April 2018, the audience in East Sarajevo and Sarajevo had the opportunity to attend the "Orfej" Classical Music Festival for the first time. The festival was created as a joint effort of, at that time, students of the University of East Sarajevo᾽s Academy of Music and students of University of Sarajevo᾽s Academy of Music, in cooperation with the Association of Citizens for Nurturing Classical Music "Koral".

With its first edition, "Orfej" has already become a unique platform that connects students, professors, and freelance artists, as well as audiences from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, and Serbia.

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Our goals:

The primary goal of the festival is to present a high-quality art program aimed at new generations of audiences, and thus to promote art music and other arts. In addition to musical contents (concerts, master classes, lectures), the "Orfej" festival is devoted to including other arts in its programme, as well as different scientific fields, such as musicology, medicine, etc.


Through its activities, "Orfej" points out the problems that young artists face every day: low attendance at art events, lack of financial support in the culture and arts sector, and lack of quality infrastructure to support the work and development of artists.


Finally, the goal of the festival is to create a strong transgenerational network of artists and professionals, through its diverse contents, both those from the Western Balkans and those from the rest of Europe and the world.