1. Jelisaveta Mojsilović.jpg
MA in Musicology

To my great happiness and satisfaction, near the end of my musicology studies, my dear friends and organisers of the “Orfej” Festival invited me to give a lecture and present my work. Having the opportunity to return to the city where I finished primary and secondary education and present work, written during my studies in Belgrade, and then published in a musicological journal in Canada, was really special for me. I have only words of praise for the overall, flawless organisation, hard work, and driving energy of all who were part of this project.

3. Snježana Zovko.jpg
Director of Mostar Symphony Orchestra

Stefan Ćeha was a guest in Mostar in 2016, performing with the Mostar Symphony Orchestra as a soloist on the accordion. When, less than two years ago, an invitation came from this young artist for our orchestra to perform at the closing of the “Orfej” Classical Music Festival, we gladly accepted the invitation, because we support young artists both in their soloist careers and in noble ideas of organising big events that enable young musicians to present themselves to the general public.

Stefan and his colleagues from the academy put together a commendable programme in April 2018 and we are convinced that the Festival will have an increasing number of fans every year and that sponsors will be able to recognise the quality, diligence, and dedication of young people in an effort to, as our friend and director of the Festival Stefan Ćeha says, gain new generations of audiences with their quality art programmes, and to create a strong transgenerational network of artists and professionals from all over Europe with a variety of content.

9. Marko Trivunović.JPG

As a participant in the first edition of the “Orfej” Festival, I commend all the organisers for their cordiality, hospitality, and the highest level of professionalism. Every detail in the organisation was very carefully designed, which made the job much easier for the performers and allowed them to fully focus on the events on stage. Thanks to this Festival, the time spent in Sarajevo remained in my fondest memory.

2. Vesna Damljanović.jpg

The “Orfej” Students᾽ Classical Music Festival was a successful attempt to celebrate classical music through concert-educational programmes, by young enthusiasts, future colleagues.

4. Sava Radulović.jpg
author and poet

In these enigmatic times, when talented and smart people do not have many opportunities to express themselves in the right way and very often despite their successes are not supported by others, it happens that few emerge who believe in themselves and in what they, in the fire they carry in themselves, and which can warm up the whole world; if they succeed, why not?! Two years ago, in April, I was lucky enough to meet such “fiery people” – students of the University of East Sarajevo᾽s Academy of Music and the University of Sarajevo᾽s Academy of Music. It is a group of young people who, it seems, have been carrying with them for years this idea of a student festival that would unite several different art forms, creating a unique story. And they succeeded, of course!

In April 2018, I received an invitation from them to participate in the 1st “Orfej” Students᾽ Classical Music Festival and to present myself at my author᾽s evening with a collection of poems “I keep you silent with a song” (Pjesmom te ćutim), which I accepted with pleasure. I was amazed by the incredible energy of these young people, professionalism – even though they started such a serious story for the first time, and then their creativity and knowledge. I was also thrilled by their ability to connect the poetry, music, and performance into the same thread that forms a common image. In addition to a series of wonderful memories that I carry from Sarajevo, my favorite is the meeting with Snježana Đoković, MA, who was in the role of a reviewer (otherwise a poet herself) and who, after reading my poetry, presented in exceptional observation of my work as if we had known each other in addition to describing my long-term poetic pilgrimage extraordinary and knowledgeably.

With my poem “Orpheus in Sarajevo” (Orfej u Sarajevu), I greeted their invitation for a new friendship, experience, and their effort to make their big dream come true, and thus successfully complete the long-prepared project. On this occasion, I would like to wish them a lot of success in every new project, as well as in the continuation of this wonderful story which will, I hope, become a tradition and be accepted as a quality project both in our country and in the world! It was really an honor for me to combine my poems with their notes!

8. Vojislav Ivanović.jpg
composer and guitarist, Professor at the Guitar Department of the University of East Sarajevo᾽s Academy of Music, Director of the International Guitar Festival “Guitar United”

The “Orfej” Students᾽ Classical Music Festival, held in April 2018, is a valuable event that brought together young forces in the field of classical music, one of those events that we so desperately need. During the three festival days of concerts, lectures, and master classes, young performers, professors, and lecturers presented unique content to the audience of Sarajevo and East Sarajevo and showed what young people can do when they unite with such a noble goal. It was my honor and pleasure to be a modest part of this event and I believe that “Orfej” will become a significant factor in the music culture in our environment, led by the great and tireless Stefan Ćeha and an extraordinary team of associates.

5. Miljana Đurović.jpg
accordionist (MMus)

It was my honor and pleasure to be a part of this project, which has already shown its exceptional potential in the first year. The organising team was up to the task and justified the trust of the participants and the audience. With such quality art content, concerts, master classes, which were held at several locations in the city, “Orfej” offered a unique cultural content, which is rarely found in the entire region.

6. Amila Fuško.jpg

I am glad that I had the opportunity to participate in the “Orfej” Festival, which aims to promote young artists. The creation of new festivals in our area brings the development of musical life, and at the same time provides an opportunity for young people to complete their interpretive experiences and encourage others to enjoy music. I look forward to the new content and new challenges that the Festival brings us this year.

6. Ivana Cerović.jpg
senior assistant at the University of East Sarajevo᾽s
Academy of Music

I accepted the invitation to participate in the 1st “Orfej” Students᾽ Classical Music Festival in 2018 with pleasure because I really liked the idea of student desire, ambition, and creativity to organise such an event. The beautiful energy of young people – the organisers of the Festival, and the desire to present themselves, as well as to enable other young artists to do the same, led to the programmatically diverse content of the Festival and its successful realization. Nowadays, it is a beautiful example of the successful promotion of classical music, art, and culture in general!

7. Iris Granulo.jpg
student at the University of Sarajevo᾽s
Academy of Music

I am happy to have the opportunity to address the public, as a participant in the first edition of the “Orfej” Festival. The Festival is exceptional, as is the concept itself. A wonderful meeting place for experienced professors, performers, and us who have yet to become those. My praise goes for the whole team of young people who conceived and realised the idea of the Festival. A truly valuable experience for me as a future performer and teacher. I look forward to every next edition of the Festival, and to participating again.

10. Marko Plavčić.jpg
accordion student at the University of East Sarajevo᾽s Academy of Music

As a participant in the first edition of the “Orfej” Festival, I can say that I carry the most beautiful memories and recollections. What left the biggest impression on me were the cultural and educational contents that enriched primarily me, and even the Festival itself.

All praise for the organisation of this art project, which is backed by young and promising people who are full of will and enthusiasm to present art in the best possible way, as well as for all of the successfully performed concerts, master classes, and other contents that made the Festival visited, noticed, attractive to young people, with a lot of positive energy and smiles that adorned the project itself, and the city of youth.

I will be happy to respond to any future edition of the Festival and contribute to the development of this unusual artistic story with my participation.

A warm recommendation to all young, future hopes of the music scene to apply and participate in this notable project, as they will come out inspired and fulfilled in every way, with the will and motivation to advance and push the boundaries of music.

11. Nikolina Šimičić.jpg

I am very grateful I had the opportunity to participate in the 1st “Orfej” Students᾽ Classical Music Festival, a festival that offers a rich programme and encourages young artists, which is very important today when classical music is marginalized. With this festival, young artists can fight for their place on the stage, and because of that, I hope that society will recognise the value of this festival and that the “Orfej” will create a long-term tradition and have a greater number of participants and audience.

12. Kvartet flauta „Flutete“.jpg
“FLUTETE” Quartet

Being part of this festival from the very beginning is important on its own. Looking back at the 1st “Orfej” Classical Music Festival, we realise that we are a part of the visionary idea of the team which organises this festival, and that gives us a sense of great happiness and pride. As the “Flutete” Quartet performed two pieces completely unknown to the audience, “Orfej” proved that there is no fear of the novelties and that it supports young composers and performers, regardless of their careers being at the very beginning or a later stage. With the sincere wish for this story to last, we send our kindest regards!

13. Stefan Mojsilović.jpg
conductor of SPD “Sloga” Sarajevo

In its first edition in 2018, the “Orfej” Festival gathered ensembles of various genres that performed during three days full of interesting lectures, workshops, and concerts.

SPD “Sloga” presented itself at the last concert evening with a 20-minute programme of Orthodox church music, which put our amateur ensemble side by side with renowned performers with whom we shared the stage in those days.

We wish “Orfej” and its organisers many more successful editions full of good music, to take its rightful place in the local community, and for the choral “Many Summers” to be heard again in the coming years!